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Cocktail ZALT's are fun and flavorful, not to mention cute! Shake up for taste, sprinkle in for texture and don't forget to rim your glass. And when you are finished, you have your own personal cocktail shaker! Just grab a bottle and head straight to the party. A perfect hostess gift, if you manage to part with it, that is�.
Sunsets in Zanzibar are legendary, especially with the perfect sundowner in hand. Inspired by the sun, sea and sand, this is the ultimate cocktail ZALT. Tropical lime, just bursting with flavour is all you need to make the perfect Margarita. Sprinkle in your gin and tonic for an unrivalled zing or even shake in your dirty martini... really the list is endless.
Cocktail Zalt is perfect for your cocktail rim or a shake of flavor! This fabulous design transitions into a cocktail shaker when empty! A great way to impress at a party, or the perfect hostess gift!

Piga Basi Zalt Cocktail Shaker 150g

SKU: 87
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